Development Team#

Person Role(s) Status
Antranig Basman Project Lead, Lead Developer, Architect Active (not a surprise I hope)
Aaron Zeckoski Developer, Documentor, Trainer, Power User, Advisor Active
Steve Githens Power User 1.0, Developer Active
Andrew Thornton Developer, Advisor Off to medical school! but also trying to get his "World" project off the ground...

Key People#

RSF could not have come into being without constant encouragement from and crucial discussions with the following people, listed roughly in order of association with RSF:

Person Association Title/Institution
Raymond Chan Contributor, Power User Developer, CARET, Cambridge University
John Norman Sponsor, Advisor Director, CARET, Cambridge University
Dan Sheppard Contributor, Power User Developer, CARET, Cambridge University
Harriet Truscott Usability Consultant UI/Support, CARET, Cambridge University
Ian Boston Power User CTO, CARET, Cambridge University
Josh Ryan Power User ?
Mark Norton Power User Consultant
David Stodulka Documentation Contributor ?
Ryan Lowe Most Agile User Crowe Horwath LLP

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