Creates a weblog from the page.

JSPWiki creates a weblog by creating a new WikiPage for each entry. These pages are then aggregated together by the WeblogPlugin. For example, if you want to create a weblog called MyBlog, all of the weblog pages would then be called "MyBlog_blogentry_DDMMYY_X", where DDMMYY refers to the creation date, and X is the entry number from that day.

Comments would be created similarly, but the pages are named "MyBlog_comments_DDMMYY_X" for each blog entry, respectively.

Parameters: #

  • page=page name : Use this page to collect the entries from. The default is to use the current page.
  • days=n : Show this many days.
  • startDate=date : Start from this day.
  • maxEntries=n : Regardless of how many days are being requested, show only this many entries.
  • allowComments=(true|false) : Should comments be allowed on entries? Disabling this on-the-fly does not delete previous comments, it just prevents the link to the comment page to be shown.


[{WeblogPlugin days=14}]

Shows blog posts for the past 14 days in a chronological order.

!My travelogue from July 2004

[{WeblogPlugin startDate='300604' days='30' allowComments=false}]

Use something like the above to include all entries from July 2004 into a single page. This example also prevents people from commenting on them.

See also#

WeblogEntryPlugin, WeblogArchivePlugin. CalendarTag.

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