Very lazy beans are defined in RSAC using the standard Spring lazy-init="true" attribute. Since ALL RSAC beans are lazy by default even if marked as non-lazy, this leaves the lazy marker free to be used in this way. A very lazy bean is proxied using Spring AOP and the RSAC RSACLazyTargetSource to be only fetched from the RSAC container on first use in a client bean(i.e. first method invocation), rather than being fetched as a dependence before initialisation of the client.

This is an essential ability where one needs to "take a break" from RSAC's request programming model, and bracket some set of bean fetches/uses in some "time runs forwards" type code such as a try/catch block. It can also be used to break circular construction dependence cycles - unlike Spring (subsequent to versions 1.2.1 or thereabouts), a cyclic set of bean definitions is an error and will always trigger a BeanInCreationException. This cycle can only be broken (if it is really necessary) by declaring one or more of the participants to be "very lazy".

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