UISelect is an RSF primitive component that represents the function of a user selection from a palette of alternatives. The schematic definition for UISelect is as follows:

public class UISelect extends UIComponent implements FixableComponent {
 /** A component representing the options which the user has to choose from **/
  public UIBoundList optionlist;

  /** A component representing the rendered labels for the list control */
  public UIBoundList optionnames;

  /** The input component representing the actual selected value. Expected to be
   *  either UIInput or UIInputMany.
  public UIBound selection;

Depending on the type of the member selection, UISelect may represent either a single or multiple selection control. UISelect may be rendered in HTML by either an HTML <select> tag or else by a selection of <input type="checkbox"> - see the footnote on primitive components and also the page on parachute rendering for more details.

As well as the standard make "constructors", UISelect features other signatures named makeMultiple for creating multiple selection controls, as well as a switch setMessageKeys() for enabling message key lookup mode (see I18N).

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