RSF Trunk Code#

The trunk code is the RSF code which is in development. If you need features which are not available in a release then this might be for you. If you are risk averse, then you probably want to go to the current release page.

Maven Repository#

NOTE: More details are available on the current release page
NOTE: The RSF trunk jar packages are available in Maven2 only - however, milestone releases are generally still uploaded to both Maven 1 and Maven 2 repositories.
The trunk Java JAR files constituting the RSF framework may be found on the CARET Maven2 dev repository ( This location has been added to the Maven2 pom.xml files of the trunk sample apps and will cause the jars to be fetched automatically when the source is built.

RSF package/Maven2 location Maven2 version Maven1 version
ponderutilcore 1.2.3M2 1.2.3M2
j-servletutil 1.2.3M2 1.2.3M2
rsfutil 0.7.3M2 0.7.3M2
sakairsf 0.7.3M2-sakai_2.2.x 0.7.3M2-sakai_2.2.x
Note: This is not a comprehensive list, more packages are available in the Maven2 repo and examples of including them in your applications can be found in the trunk sample apps.

Source code distributions#

All RSF source code is available in Subversion (SVN) on the RSF SVN server.
You can checkout the svn package once you download SVN by running svn co <SVN URL>, for example:
svn co
NOTE: More information about the code distributions, please check this page if you are new to RSF code distributions.
NOTE: SVN externals have been provided to make it easy to checkout a distribution set of projects from the CARET SVN in one step.

Standard distributions (trunk)#

Distribution SVN location

Special Distributions (trunk)#

Distribution SVN location

All trunk bundles are viewable in the CARET SVN.

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