!!! About the [RSF] Wiki

[This wiki|Main], together with the [CARET SVN repository|https://saffron.caret.cam.ac.uk/svn/], the [CARET JIRA issue tracking system|http://www.caret.cam.ac.uk/jira/browse/RSF], and the [message forums|http://ponder.org.uk/rsf/forums/list.page] are intended to be the complete source of documentation and information on [RSF]. We hope this is a valuable resource to developers as well as a place for people to share experiences of using RSF on different tasks, in different contexts, and with different goals.

This wiki and the [RSF] project are being hosted and supported by [CARET|http://www.caret.cam.ac.uk/] at Cambridge University, UK.

''The original JSPWiki "About" notice is included below.''
This Wiki is done using [JSP|http://java.sun.com/products/jsp] technology, 
which hopefully makes it very easy to keep up to date and looking better than most of the Wikis based on the [original one|http://c2.com/cgi/wiki].  A custom bean handles the translation of text into HTML.

Most of the [editing markers|TextFormattingRules] have been styled according to the [Sensei's Library|http://senseis.xmp.net], the best Go sites in the Internet.  I find their markup very easy, yet clear.

This wiki is authored by [Janne Jalkanen|http://www.ecyrd.com/ButtUgly/], and is available under the [GNU Lesser General Public License|http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html].

If you are interested in the JSPWiki development, the home page for JSPWiki is at [http://www.jspwiki.org].  Some quick links:

* [Bug Reports|JSPWiki:SubmitBugReport] - or [look at the list of open bugs|JSPWiki:OpenBugs].
* [Contribute new ideas|JSPWiki:SubmitNewIdea].
* Take a look at the most up-to-date [JSPWiki FAQ|JSPWiki:JSPWikiFAQ]
* Look for additional [plugins|JSPWiki:ContributedPlugins], [templates|JSPWiki:ContributedTemplates], [filters|JSPWiki:ContributedFilters], [providers|JSPWiki:ContributedProviders], or [other cool stuff|JSPWiki:ContributedCode].

Happy hacking, and thanks for choosing JSPWiki!