Sample RSF apps#

These sample applications are meant to help get a developer who is new to RSF get up to speed quickly. You are welcome to take these apps and use them as starting points for your own more complex applications.

Try Sample applications on our server#

You can play around with running versions of various sample applications on our tomcat server.

Sample apps which include detailed explanations in the wiki#

Sample apps without extra explanations#

All RSF Sample apps can be found in the public SVN#

Working with the RSF sample applications#

Building webapps using maven#

Each RSF sample app uses a standard Maven build process, which should build and deploy it to a local Tomcat. This varies depending on whether you are using maven1 or maven2. Most projects should have a readme.txt file which explains how to build them. For the ones that do not, you can use the following instructions.

Maven 2#

From within the main directory of the project (should have the pom.xml file) run mvn install cargo:deploy. This should build the project and deploy it to your tomcat webapps folder.

Make sure you have a settings.xml file in $YOUR_USER_HOME/.m2 directory, here is a sample one
Set the <appserver.home>c:\opt\tomcat</appserver.home> to point to your $TOMCAT_HOME directory.

Build this project and deploy it in tomcat by running the following from this directory (the one with the readme):

mvn install rsf:deploy

More information on the Maven 2 Setup page.

Maven 1#

Adjust the configuration in the Maven 1 file, which by default looks like this:


The only critical change is to edit maven.tomcat.home to be the path to your tomcat home.

Build this project and deploy it in tomcat by running the following from the main directory of the project (should have the project.xml and files) (the one with the readme):

maven deploy

Maven troubleshooting#

If you are getting download errors from trying to build the sample applications, make sure you have not overridden the remote repository setting maven.repo.remote inside your personal file (by default in $HOME/ You will need to reference the CARET Maven repository as in the sample file shown above.

Verbose logging#

You may wish to edit the file held in src/webapp/WEB-INF/classes of the various sample apps, and set the following line log4j.logger.PonderUtilCore=info to the warn level. However, RSF is not yet at full release status and the verbose logs can sometimes be helpful.

Need help?#

Try the RSF Community links to things like the forums in the left bar.

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