!!! Sample RSF apps

These sample applications are meant to help get a developer who is new to RSF get up to speed quickly. You are welcome to take these apps and use them as starting points for your own more complex applications.

! [Try Sample applications on our server|http://ponder.org.uk/RSFSamplesIntro/faces/main]
You can play around with running versions of various sample applications on our tomcat server.

!! Sample apps which include detailed explanations in the wiki
* [Hello World|HelloWorld] - absolute basics
* [LogonTest] - basic form submission and [EL]
* [ComponentTest] - file uploads, reskinning
* [SpringMVCStep] - integrating with Spring Web MVC
* [Hibernate Cookbook|HibernateCookBook] - [OTP] and [RSF ORM|RSFORMByItself]
* [NumberGuessing] - simple flows and xml component trees
* [PhonebookSWFSample] - [Spring Web Flow] Phonebook sample app in RSF
* [SellItemSWFSample] - [Spring Web Flow] SellItem sample app in RSF

!! Sample apps without extra explanations
* [AJAX Autocomplete Simple|https://source.caret.cam.ac.uk/rsf/projects/RSFSamples/trunk/AjaxAutocompleteSimple/] - using [AJAX] and [UVB|UniversalViewBus]
* [Tasklist OTP|https://source.caret.cam.ac.uk/rsf/projects/RSFSamples/trunk/RSFTasklistOTP/] - using [OTP] and [RSF ORM|RSFORMByItself]
* [AJAX AHAH Dynamic forms and links|https://source.caret.cam.ac.uk/rsf/projects/RSFSamples/trunk/AjaxAHAH/] - using [AJAX] and [UVB|UniversalViewBus] with [AHAH|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AHAH] to dynamically change form submissions and links

! All RSF Sample apps can be found in the public SVN
* [RSF Sample Apps SVN|https://source.caret.cam.ac.uk/rsf/projects/RSFSamples/trunk/]
* [Sakai RSF Sample Apps SVN|https://source.caret.cam.ac.uk/rsf/projects/SakaiRSFSamples/trunk/]

!! Working with the RSF sample applications

! [Building webapps using maven]

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! Verbose logging
You may wish to edit the {{log4j.properties}} file held in {{src/webapp/WEB-INF/classes}} of the various sample apps, and set the following line {{log4j.logger.PonderUtilCore=info}} to the {{warn}} level. However, RSF is not yet at full release status and the verbose logs can sometimes be helpful.

!! Need help?

Try the RSF Community links to things like the [forums|http://ponder.org.uk/rsf/] in the left bar.