Since RSF will "execute" arbitary EL coming in over the request, it is vital that the request-scope container is "censored" in some way to avoid a considerable security risk. This is done via an application-scope model held by RSF, that determines whether a particular bean path should be "request addressible" - that is, whether it is safe to read or write to the path via EL submitted over the request.

You may contribute paths to this request addressible model using the standard RSF framework Spring parent definition requestAddressibleParent. Any path which is not explicitly registered this way will trigger a SecurityException on an action cycle which receives EL trying to target it. Both value and action bindings need to be applied to paths which are made request addressible.

Here is a sample definition from the RSF "NumberGuessing" sample which marks all the properties of 6 request-scope beans as fully readable and writeable over the request. This definition would be placed at application scope, probably in your applicationContext.xml file:

  <bean parent="requestAddressibleParent">
    <property name="value">
       <value>numberGuess, fourDigitNumberGuess, numberGuessAction, 
          fourDigitNumberGuessAction, numberGuessFlow, 

Before RSF 0.7.2, access was only checked for the root bean path - that is, this list had to be a list of bean ids which were marked to have all writeable propertied accessble. As of RSF 0.7.2, this list may be a list of EL expressions, possibly with wildcard path segments which allow fine-grained access specifications per-method or per-property. This syntax is the same as that used for BeanGuard expressions.

You should be careful not to expose any unintended readable/writeable properties in your request-addressible beans.

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