The RSF Ajax JSON sample, which is held in SVN at I-RSFAjaxJSON is the standard framework sample app which demonstrates returning plain JSON responses for use with AJAX, using the DataViews feature which is new in the 0.7.3 RSF release. It also demonstrates the use of client-side rendering of RSF templates and component trees (occuring in pure Javascript), using the RSF/Fluid client-side renderer which is documented as part of the Fluid website.

It demonstrates a table of SalesItem objects, which are encoded automatically into JSON by the DataView, rendered into an inline-editable table on the client-side from a pure HTML IKAT template. Changes made to the table by inline editing are automatically committed back to the client-side model by the RSF client-side data binding framework, and then posted back into the DataInputHandler where they are automatically decoded back into Java objects and committed back into the service. This sample is inspired by the DWR sample based on the same back-end, but is considerably more conceptually economical since no autogenerated Javascript is required on the client, nor special view declarations on the server - as well as showing the exact same template syntax being renderable both on the client and server alike, giving an unprecedented flexibility in strategy.

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