Qwicapis a framework that is very similar to RIFE, in that it operates a pure HTML templating idiom, and is very strongly based around Continuations, an interesting idea. The level of template abstraction is somewhat lower however, since page authors are manipulating representations of markup directly, even by reference to tags such as <div> and <tr>. This offers absolutely no interface portability to designers. In general Qwicap offers few architectural benefits to large-scale applications since it promotes an "all-in-one" application definition style with no bean line and no concept of IoC.

Qwicap's main selling points are its extremely "quick start" programming style, that supports "relatively conventional coding styles" - it is extremely accessible to beginners and non-developers. However we can have hopes that with the introduction of IoC frameworks "conventional coding styles" will gradually adjust themselves over the next decade...

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