Here are copies of presentations that have been given about RSF.

Introduction to RSF(info) Originally given 26 June, 2007 at JA-SIG conference in Denver Colorado, US - Introduction to RSF which includes basic usage and examples of major features. Updated for 1 November training course for Indiana/Michigan.

Spring and RSF Fundamentals(info) 26 June, 2007 at JA-SIG conference in Denver Colorado, US - Presentation which introduces Spring and RSF and details their integration.

Building UI Components presentation(info) of 7th December 2006 at Atlanta, GA. Fairly detailed overview of strategies and philosophies used for designing "widgets" or reusable UI components using RSF, with a specific presentation of a simple "double selection" widget and the new internationalised date widget.

Fifth presentation(info) of 17th July 2006 at Edinburgh, UK. Presents the value of RSF for portable portlet development, allowing the same code to be deployed unchanged as a standard Servlet, a JSR-168 portlet, a Sakai tool or (coming soon) a uPortal IChannel.

Fourth presentation(info) of 1st June 2006, at Vancouver BC. A case study of the reworking of the Sakai Programmers Cafe "TaskList" Sakai tool from a JSF implementation to RSF. Many beans were destroyed, much logic slashed.

Third presentation(info) of 31st May 2006, at Vancouver, BC. A broad survey of 0.6.3-level RSF, taking in informal flows, localisation and request-scope IoC in general. Begins with an analysis of RSF's potential appeal to designers, deployers, testers and developers alike.

Second presentation(info) of 7th December 2005, at Austin, Texas. A somewhat better structured presentation of RSF at version 0.6.1, although still without time to cover the framework in very much depth.

First presentation(info) of 26th September 2005, at Cambridge, UK. This falls into the somewhat offputting "what is wrong with everything else" (in particular JSF) model, rather than getting round to explaining what RSF actually is very quickly. At this point many things were unfinalised about RSF (then at 0.5 level), including the actual types to be held in the component tree, and how flow scopes were to work. However, it had been demonstrated hosting an actual app (FlowTalk), and operating the whole request and render cycle.

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