Page Filters are a new addition in JSPWiki 2.2. They essentially allow you to pre- and postprocess the information that flies back and forth between the Wiki engine and the browser.

There are four possible places where the filters can be applied:

  1. pre-translate - that is, after the page has been fetched from the page repository, but before it has been translated from WikiMarkup to HTML.
  2. post-translate - after the page has been translated into HTML, but before it is shown to the user.
  3. pre-save - before the page is committed to the repository.
  4. post-save - after the page has been committed to the repository successfully. Note that at this point it is useless to change the page data anymore, so filters that hook to this event are typically general notification filters - such as sending email.

To see which filters are running on this instance of JSPWiki, use the [{$pagefilters}] WikiVariable to list them. See System Info for more information.

Filter documentation#

JSPWiki ships with a few predefined filters:

To use these (or any other PageFilter contributed by the JSPWiki community), you have to also see

Developer documentation#

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