!!! The RSF Framework

[Reasonable Server Faces (RSF)|RSF] is an [open source|Licence] web programming framework written in [Java|http://java.sun.com/], and built on the [Spring framework|http://www.springframework.org/]. It provides for [Pure XHTML templating] and complete request lifecycle handling. (more features listed below).\\
This Wiki is the home of the RSF/IKAT framework, and will be used to house all its documentation as well as discussions and planning on its future.

__Important links:__ [Getting Started|GettingStarted] | [Sample Applications|SampleRSFApps] | [Current Release|CurrentCode] | [Forums|http://ponder.org.uk/rsf/]

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!! Latest [News]
* 13 September 2008 - RSF [0.7.4 released!|CurrentCode] - Rollup of fixes for 0.7.x branch\\
* 28 July 2008 - RSF [0.7.3 released|CurrentCode] - Support for EntityBroker 1.3+, Javascript fixes (see RC1 announcement)\\
* 25 July 2008 - RSF Third Birthday ([cake 3|http://ponder.org.uk/rsf/posts/list/296.page])\\
* 24 June 2008 - RSF 0.7.3RC1 in respositories!! - complete JSONalization, Data Views, full-cycle testing, and demonstration of client-side rendering, numerous [fixes|http://www.caret.cam.ac.uk/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&pid=10000&status=5&fixfor=10160]\\
* 18 September 2007 - [RSF] [0.7.2 released|CurrentCode]! [Spring Web Flow] integration, rendering updates, Maven 2 build (see [Roadmap])\\
* 27 July 2007 - [RSF] Second Anniversary! ([cake|Anniversaries])\\
* 11 May 2007 - [RSF version 0.7.1 released!|CurrentCode] - [Internationalisation upgrades|I18N], fine-grained [action|Action] navigation, and [GET form bindings|GETForms].

!! Short summary of RSF features:

* [Pure XHTML templating], with a lightning-fast renderer ([IKAT]) and no custom tags!
* [AJAX], CSS, and accessiblity are all managed via templates controlled by the [designer|Designers]
* The [Spring Framework|SpringFramework] is used for [IoC|SpringFramework] by both developers and the framework throughout
* [Developers] don't have to deal with HttpServletRequest, URLs, or HTML tags in their code
* Allows a pure bean programming model (like [JSF|http://java.sun.com/j2ee/javaserverfaces/], no interfaces or base classes appear in your data model)
* Highly [modular|Disintegrations] and pluggable architecture
* Facilitates designs where [zero server state|ZeroServerState] is held between requests
* Build "[components|Evolver]" using libraries of HTML rather than libraries of code
* Lightweight, [minimal|FrameworkSize], memory efficient, and fast