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I ran before walking on this RSF stuff, and am going carefully through the login demo, and noticed a typo, so I created a name and this page. And corrected the typo.

And of course, it wasn't a typo, and I had to revert my change.

Some Notes on RSF:

The logic of RSF usage is different than I am used to. I expect to be able to script things and use basic logic constructs within my templating language. RSF does not allow this. Instead, you make things in your template, and then do the logic in your Java. If the thing is there, then the corresponding part of the template produces real output. If the thing is not there, then the template produces no output.

The only really big drawback from this approach is that JavaScript cannot be templated. That is, you can't have a shell of a javascript program that get populated with real ids and variables, etc at delivery time. Instead, you have to create a little script that calls a program with some arguments. All around probably a more sane way of doing things, but I love being able to code meta-javascript using, say, TemplateToolkit's limited perl syntax plus javascript.

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