Getting Started with RSF#

This will help developers and system admins get started running and working with RSF. It will probably take a beginner 45-60 minutes to go through this and the related guides. One you get through it you should have RSF sample apps running and an environment you can use to develop your own RSF applications.

RSF required technologies#

These are required to run RSF and the sample applications
  • Java 1.4.2 or better (RSF is Java based)
  • Maven (To build the sample apps and/or RSF and download dependencies)
  • Apache Tomcat 5.5.x (container to run RSF and the sample apps)
    • NOTE: any comparable Servlet container should work

We recommend that you follow the RSF Container Setup Guide unless you are very familiar with the technologies above (and even if you are!)

Make sure you set up the required technologies before trying to build the sample applications.

The RSF development team uses the following technologies#

If you want a similar development environment to what the RSF development team uses then checkout the RSF Development Environment Guide. This is highly recommended for RSF beginners!

Try out the Sample RSF Applications#

There are a large (and growing larger) number of RSF Sample applications available for you to download and try out or use as a starting point for building your own applications. Instructions and a complete list of the sample apps are available on the RSF Sample applications.

Participate in the community#

The RSF discussion forum, email lists, and the FAQ section are very good first places to look for questions posted by RSF beginners in the same situation as you. Post questions or share experiences which might benefit others.

More information#

Check out the developers page or the designers page for more technical information and documentation about RSF.

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