The FormSet can be used to set default parameters to a submission.


  • form : Which form this applies to. Mandatory.

The rest of the parameters are used by the different Form elements to set the defaults.


The following creates a form which has two fields, where the "title" is set to empty, and a hidden parameter "status" with the value "NewBug" is added. The parameter is hidden, because there's no FormInput to handle it.

[{FormSet form='reportform' status='NewBug' title=''}]
[{FormOutput form='reportform' handler='BugReportHandler' populate='handler'}]

[{FormOpen form='reportform'}]
|Title of the bug:| [{FormInput type='text' name='title' size=80}]\\
''Mandatory. Please try to be brief, use a whole sentence of ten words or less.''
[{FormTextarea name='description' rows=25 cols=80}]

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