WikiForms are opened with a FormOpen -statement.


You MUST specify the following:

  • form: Each form must have a name. For example "myBugReportForm".

You may also specify any of the following parameters:

  • submit: The URL (relative or absolute) of a servlet that is capable of handling the request from this WikiForm. If not set, it will submit it back to the same page the form is on.
  • method: Controls how the form is posted: it can either be "get" or "post". If this parameter is missing, the default is to use "post".
  • hide: Controls the visibility of the form. If set to "onsuccess", the form is hidden when the form has been submitted successfully. Default is to keep the form visible all the time.


[{FormOpen form='bugreportform' hide='onsuccess' method='post' submit='/servlets/bugreportsubmitservlet/'}]

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