Here's a short reminder on what elements you have at your disposal:

----             Horizontal ruler
\\               Forced line break
[link]           Create hyperlink to "link", where "link" can be either an internal 
                 WikiName or an external link (http://)
[text|link]      Create a hyperlink where the link text is different from the actual 
                 hyperlink link.

*                Make a bulleted list (must be in first column). Use more (**) 
                 for deeper indentations.
#                Make a numbered list (must be in first column). Use more (##, ###) 
                 for deeper indentations.

!, !!, !!!       Start a line with an exclamation mark (!) to make a heading. 
                 More exclamation marks mean bigger headings.

__text__         Makes text bold.
''text''         Makes text in italics (notice that these are single quotes ('))
{{text}}         Makes text in monospaced font.
;term:def        Defines 'term' with 'def'.  Use this with empty 'term' to make short comments.

|text|more text| Makes a table. Double bars for a table heading.
  • To make a code block, use triple {'s to open, and triple }'s to close.
  • Don't try to use HTML, since it just won't work.
  • To embed images just put them available on the web using one of the approved formats, and they will get inlined automatically. To see the list of approved formats, go check SystemInfo.

Table of contents: TableOfContents allows you to create a TOC for all headings on the page#

The resulting list is wrapped inside a DIV tag, which can be used to create the style and look of the TOC.
Parameter: -- title : (string) The title for the table of contents (H2). By default, uses no heading.

Alias and Redirects: SET allows you to create an alias to a wiki page or redirect to an external page#

 [{SET alias='PageAliases'}] 
 [{SET redirect=''}] 

To get rid of them/fix them, manually put Edit.jsp or PageInfo.jsp into the URL (as there's no way to get to the page itself anymore).

Inserting pages: InsertPage plugin allows you to include the contents of another page into the current page.#

[{InsertPage page='EditPageHelp' 
             style='font-size: 85%; margin: 10px; padding: 5px; border: 1px solid black; background: #dedede;' 
-- page = WikiName. The WikiName of the page you want to insert.
-- style = CSS definition. A style you want to use to include the page with.
-- maxlength = integer. If the page exceeds this length in characters, it will be truncated and a text "More..." linking to the page will be appended.
-- section = integer. Inserts only a part of a page. The sections are separated with "----" and are counted starting from one (1), that is, the first section on a page is number 1.
-- default = string. If the page does not exist, will insert this default. If not defined, inserts a suggestion to create the page.

(Wondering where this text comes from? It's on a page called Edit Page Help, which you can edit too!)

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