Here's a short reminder on what elements you have at your disposal:
----             Horizontal ruler
\\               Forced line break
[link]           Create hyperlink to "link", where "link" can be either an internal 
                 WikiName or an external link (http://)
[text|link]      Create a hyperlink where the link text is different from the actual 
                 hyperlink link.

*                Make a bulleted list (must be in first column). Use more (**) 
                 for deeper indentations.
#                Make a numbered list (must be in first column). Use more (##, ###) 
                 for deeper indentations.

!, !!, !!!       Start a line with an exclamation mark (!) to make a heading. 
                 More exclamation marks mean bigger headings.

__text__         Makes text bold.
''text''         Makes text in italics (notice that these are single quotes ('))
{{text}}         Makes text in monospaced font.
;term:def        Defines 'term' with 'def'.  Use this with empty 'term' to make short comments.

|text|more text| Makes a table. Double bars for a table heading.

* To make a code block, use triple {'s to open, and triple }'s to close.
* Don't try to use HTML, since it just won't work.
* To embed images just put them available on the web using one of the approved formats, and they will get inlined automatically. To see the list of approved formats, go check [SystemInfo].

! Table of contents: ''TableOfContents'' allows you to create a TOC for all headings on the page
{{{ [{TableOfContents}] }}}
The resulting list is wrapped inside a DIV tag, which can be used to create the style and look of the TOC.\\
Parameter: -- __title__ : (string) The title for the table of contents (H2). By default, uses no heading. 

! Alias and Redirects: ''SET'' allows you to create an alias to a wiki page or redirect to an external page
{{{ [{SET alias='PageAliases'}] }}}
{{{ [{SET redirect=''}] }}}

To get rid of them/fix them, manually put {{Edit.jsp}} or {{PageInfo.jsp}} into the URL (as there's no way to get to the page itself anymore).

! Inserting pages: ''InsertPage'' plugin allows you to include the contents of another page into the current page.
[{InsertPage page='EditPageHelp' 
             style='font-size: 85%; margin: 10px; padding: 5px; border: 1px solid black; background: #dedede;' 
-- __page__ = ''WikiName''.  The WikiName of the page you want to insert.\\
-- __style__ = ''CSS definition''.  A style you want to use to include the page with.\\
-- __maxlength__ = ''integer''.  If the page exceeds this length in characters, it will be truncated and a text "More..." linking to the page will be appended.\\
-- __section__ = ''integer''.  Inserts only a part of a page.  The sections are separated with "{{{----}}}" and are counted starting from one (1), that is, the first section on a page is number 1.\\
-- __default__ = ''string''.  If the page does not exist, will insert this default.  If not defined, inserts a suggestion to create the page.

''(Wondering where this text comes from?  It's on a page called [Edit Page Help], which you can edit too!)''