From this page you can download source distributions (via SVN) and binary JARs for RSF and its sample apps. The 3 JAR files constituting the framework (rsfutil-0.7.1.jar, j-servletutil-1.2.1.jar and ponderutilcore-1.2.1.jar) may be found on CARET's public Maven repository at . This location has been added to the files of the sample projects and will cause the jars to be fetched automatically on build.

However, you are warmly recommmended to make use of the source distributions, since RSF prides itself on being a framework that tries to avoid building barriers between user and framework code. Advanced uses of RSF in any case will depend on knowing your way round RSF's 4 Spring configuration files.

This release is of RSF version 0.7.1 - have a look at the Roadmap page for a change log from 0.7 and beyond, and to get an idea of what features will be required to get to a 1.0 level.

Source distribution - SVN Externals#

As of RSF 0.6.1, a set of SVN externals have been provided to make it easy to check the complete set of tagged projects for a release out of SVN in one step. There are currently 4 source bundles that you may like to check out:

svn co The base source distribution for RSF, including RSFUtil, J-ServletUtil, PonderUtilCore and RSFHibernate
svn co The RSF example applications, including the simple "Hello World" app, the "Number Guessing Game", and 3 versions of the "Hibernate Cookbook".
svn co Sun JSR-168 integration library for RSF (RSFPortlet) together with JSR-168 builds for the Number Guessing and Cookbook samples.
svn co The Sakai integration library for RSF (SakaiRSF) together with Sakai-packaged builds for the Number Guessing and Cookbook samples. Just type "maven sakai".
svn co All modules related to RSF, including all the above packages
NB the above links will appear empty in your browser, this is not an error! The externals will be correctly followed when you check out with a SVN client.
Note that the names of the Eclipse projects (and of their corresponding directories) in these distributions do not exactly match the names in the SVN repository - in particular, RSFUtil corresponds to the directory J-RSFUtil and ServletUtil to J-ServletUtil. Since Eclipse projects are sorted in alphabetical order, I found this the only method to get projects to appear at a predetermined point in the list.

Note that all source is kept in CARET's public SVN server saffron, where all of this code may be found in the projects directory.

Binary distribution#

An "all-in-one" zip file of the core parts of the framework and its dependencies is available: RSF-0.7-with-dependencies(info).

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