From this page you can download both source distributions (suitable for unzipping directly into your Eclipse workspace) and WAR files suitable for dropping into your Tomcat webapps directory. Binary releases of the framework will be made available later on, as RSF gets closer to release.

RSF is currently declared to be at version 0.5 - have a look at the Roadmap page to get an idea of what features will be required to get to a 1.0 level.

Source distribution#

Note that the names of the Eclipse projects (and of their corresponding directories) in these distributions do not exactly match the names in the SVN repository - in particular, RSFUtil corresponds to the directory J-RSFUtil and ServletUtil to J-ServletUtil. Since Eclipse projects are sorted in alphabetical order, I found this the only method to get projects to appear at a predetermined point in the list.

Note that all source is kept in CARET's public SVN server saffron, where all of this code may be found in the projects directory.

(See the list at the bottom of this page for filesizes if this is of concern to you). base source distribution of RSF, containing code for PonderUtilCore, ServletUtil, and RSFUtil itself. RSF example applications, including the simple "Hello World" app, and the "Number Guessing Game". Sakai integration library for RSF (RSFSakai) together with the project packaging needed to host the number guessing sample within Sakai. base distribution, samples, Sakai code and any other related projects

WAR files#

rsf-test-hello-0.5.war(info)A "ready-to-go" war of the "Hello World" sample. Simply rename and dump in "webapps", or unzip it yourself.
rsf-numberguess-0.5.war(info)Ready-to-go war of the number guessing sample.
SakaiRSFNumberGuess-0.5.war(info)Ready-to-go war of the number guessing sample, packaged as a Sakai tool

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