!!! RSF Code Distributions

!! Basic [RSF] distributions

! Mini
This is the minimal RSF distributions and includes the absolute minimum package you need to get RSF working. This is the PonderUtilCore utilities package, the ServletUtil utilities package, and the RSFUtil package.

! Core
This is the standard package you will probably want to use when developing with or running RSF and should include all major functionality. This includes everything in Mini plus the [Spring WebFlow|SpringWebFlow] integration, Spring MVC integration, and [Hibernate ORM|RSFHibernate] integration packages.

! All
This package includes all of RSF plus optional components and code samples. It should be used only for development. This includes everything in Core.

!! Specialty RSF distributions

! Sakai
Use this package if you are developing a [Sakai|http://sakaiproject.org/] RSF application. This package includes Core RSF plus the special SakaiRSF integration package.

! Portlet (JSR-168)
Use this package if you are using RSF to write a JSR-168 [portlet|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portlet]. This includes Core RSF plus the portlet integration package. Sun [JSR-168] integration library for RSF ([RSFPortlet]) together with JSR-168 builds for the Number Guessing and Cookbook samples.

!! Where to get the packages

You can find the various packages here:
* [Current Release|CurrentCode]
* [Trunk|TrunkCode]
* [Old Versions|OldCode]