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This page predates the release of RSF 0.6 - TemplateResolver has since been factored into TemplateResolverStrategy and TemplateExtensionInferrer

A very simple implementation of the TemplateResolver interface that just looks at the current viewID and consumer ID to look up a single template file in a specified directory. An application may configure one of these by entering the following stanza into an application scope Spring configuration file (usually /WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml):

  <bean id="viewTemplateResolver"
    <property name="templateExtensionInferrer" ref="templateExtensionInferrer" />
    <property name="templateResolverStrategy" ref="templateResolverStrategy" />

  <bean id="templateResolverStrategy" parent="CRITemplateResolverStrategy"/>

  <bean id="templateExtensionInferrer"
    <property name="extension" value="html" />

  <bean id="CRITemplateResolverStrategy"
    <property name="baseDirectory">
    <property name="consumerInfo">
      <ref bean="consumerInfoProxy" />

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