RSF Anniversaries#

Second Anniversary (27 July 2007)#

There was cake. RSF at age 2 is a lot firmer on its feet - hard to believe this time last year we didn't have multi-file templates, and the wiki was still being written in the 1st person! The most exciting news today is the imminent release of the RSF-Spring Web Flow integration, which more firmly aligns RSF with the Spring web stack, joining its earlier support for SpringMVC and Spring validation. This next year will see the crucial release of RSF 0.8, which will see it solidified into its final form - at which point it will be time to make a more aggressive push to reach users outside its "cradle", the Sakai community. Here's to next year!


First Anniversary (27 July 2006)#

"Well, 27th July 2006 marks 1 year since finger was first put to keyboard to type the magic words

 public class UIComponent {
see the announcement post on the RSF forums for more details.


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