Many concepts or Java artifacts (classes or interface) in RSF have ended up being abbreviated into acronyms. Here is a selection that has become relatively common in general RSF conversation, collected in one place for easy reference.

AHAH Asynchronous HTML and HTTP
ARI ActionResultInterpreter
ARI2 ActionResultInterceptor
DAR DataAlterationRequest
MFT MultiFileTemplates
OTP One True Path
RSAC Request Scope Application Context
RSJCIS Render Single Javascript Call In <script>
RSF Reasonable Server Faces
RSVC RequestSubmittedValueCache
RVBResulting View Binding
STRS StaticTemplateResolverStrategy
TLAB TargetListAggregatingBean
TML TargettedMessageList
TPFB TransactionProxyFactoryBean
TRS TemplateResolverStrategy
TSH TokenStateHolder
URE UniversalRuntimeException
UVB UniversalViewBus
VES ViewExceptionStrategy
VPMIM ViewParamsMapperInfoManager
VSH ViewStateHandler

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