Many [concepts|Concepts] or Java artifacts (classes or interface) in [RSF] have ended up being abbreviated into acronyms. Here is a selection that has become relatively common in general RSF conversation, collected in one place for easy reference.

|AHAH| [Asynchronous HTML and HTTP|]
|ARI|  [ActionResultInterpreter]
|ARI2| [ActionResultInterceptor]
|DAR|  [DataAlterationRequest]
|MFT|  [MultiFileTemplates]
|OTP|  [One True Path|OTP]
|RSAC| [Request Scope Application Context|RSAC]
|RSJCIS| [Render Single Javascript Call In <script>|RSJCIS]
|RSF|  [Reasonable Server Faces|RSF]
|RSVC| [RequestSubmittedValueCache]
|RVB|Resulting View Binding
|STRS| StaticTemplateResolverStrategy
|TLAB| [TargetListAggregatingBean]
|TML|  [TargettedMessageList]
|TPFB| [TransactionProxyFactoryBean|]
|TRS|  TemplateResolverStrategy
|TSH|  [TokenStateHolder]
|URE|  [UniversalRuntimeException]
|UVB|  [UniversalViewBus]
|VES|  [ViewExceptionStrategy]
|VPMIM| ViewParamsMapperInfoManager
|VSH|   ViewStateHandler