The RSF Framework#

Reasonable Server Faces (RSF) is an open source web programming framework written in Java, and built on the Spring framework. It provides for Pure XHTML templating and complete request lifecycle handling. (more features listed below).
This Wiki is the home of the RSF/IKAT framework, and will be used to house all its documentation as well as discussions and planning on its future.

Important links: Getting Started | Sample Applications | Current Release | Forums

Latest News#

Short summary of RSF features:#

  • Pure XHTML templating, with a lightning-fast renderer (IKAT) and no custom tags!
  • AJAX, CSS, and accessiblity are all managed via templates controlled by the designer
  • The Spring Framework is used for IoC by both developers and the framework throughout
  • Developers don't have to deal with HttpServletRequest, URLs, or HTML tags in their code
  • Allows a pure bean programming model (like JSF, no interfaces or base classes appear in your data model)
  • Highly modular and pluggable architecture
  • Facilitates designs where zero server state is held between requests
  • Build "components" using libraries of HTML rather than libraries of code
  • Lightweight, minimal, memory efficient, and fast

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